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Paula Rivas Rodriguez

Paula Rivas Rodriguez is a Mexican artist based in Birmingham, UK.  Her work combines creative explorations of her native Mexico with social practice.
Paula’s artistic practice captures the beauty and magic of Mexico and Latin America while exploring issues of identity. She’s interested in the intersections between memory and place as sites of personal and collective belonging. Shapes, colours and forms combine to evoke the magic realism of Latin America, and the cultural richness of its native traditions. Paula’s compositions explore the memory of places, people and landscapes through poetic realism, striking colour combinations, and hard edge abstractions. Her images are populated by lone figures that transport us to an imaginary world of understated beauty and stillness.  

Paula Rodriguez .png
Serene Confidence � Guache on watercolou
Paula Rodriguez 2 by Louis Thornton  .pn
Decierto de gigantes � Guache on waterco
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