Anne-Marie Watson is an artist currently based in Hailsham, UK. After working as a contemporary art curator for over a decade she reignited her creativity as a visual artist. The handwritten word forms the basis of her practice whether executed with ink on paper or other chance materials. These process based works are a portal into the experiences, thoughts and emotions of the artist, channelling the highs and lows of the everyday into abstract images which evoke sacred texts, patterns in nature and woven fabric.

Anne-Marie’s drawings are handwritten, continuous flowing texts which narrate memories, reflections on the past or present experiences. Some are poetic meanderings on specific themes such as love or magic and others are formed from the repetitive act of writing one word over and over. Their creation is an intense process filled with distractions, pauses and frustrations as well as moments of pure flow and joy. Akin to one off performances, they are highly charged documents transformed into abstract images which embody this personal, all-consuming act.

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