Anois Art is simple, we bring you a curated selection of affordable contemporary art from exceptional national and international artists. 

ANOIS Means Now

ANOIS Means not waiting for galleries to show more diverse art

ANOIS Means not waiting for contemporary art to be more affordable

ANOIS Means Now

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Our founder Dee Haughney, has worked with contemporary international and local arts for over a decade. She created Anois Art to fill a massive gap in the art market. One that represents a broad spectrum of truly international art and aims to close the gender gap. One that breaks down the barriers of acquisitions for first time buyers. One that allows everyone to invest in art. One that supports and gives voice to its artists. 

Our Mission Statement:

To create a gallery model that supports female and non-binary artists. A model that mentors, increases visibility, and develops a client base for its artists. A model that has an accessible online platform with affordable contemporary art for all to enjoy.

Anois (a - nish) 
Irish (Gaeilge) word for NOW.
But stronger than its English translation, anois has a 'here and now!' exclamation tone.